An Exclusive Opportunity.

Do you have big IT development objectives and only a small IT department on staff?
Are your technology needs beyond your budget?
Can’t afford all the IT expertise you need?
Need front-end developers or back-end coders?
You’re not alone.

Consider joining the IT Development Collaborative with Nova Horizons

For a limited time Nova Horizons is offering a group of no more than four small businesses an IT Development
collaboration opportunity for on-going development work.

Our experienced staff of developers specializes in
large and small development projects requiring:

  • Front-end and back-end website development
  • Website service and support
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CMS’s
  • Linux servers
  • Cloud services

Our Concept is Simple:

We share our expansive development expertise with your limited IT development team to get more of your development projects done, on time and for much less money.

The Process is Simple:

You express interest.
We sign a Non-disclosure Agreement to discuss your development projects.
We meet to get to know each other and define a scope of work.
We sign a Collaborative Service Agreement that works for all parties

Our Vision is Clear:

Small businesses with big development projects need outside development expertise at below market rates.

Cooperatively sharing developers creates economies, synergies, and more development projects completed on time for less money

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