An Exclusive Opportunity.

Do you have big IT development objectives and only a small IT department on staff?
Are your technology needs beyond your budget?
Can’t afford all the IT expertise you need?
Need front-end developers or back-end coders?
You’re not alone.

Consider joining the IT Development Collaborative with Nova Horizons

For a limited time Nova Horizons is offering a group of no more than four small businesses an IT Development
collaboration opportunity for on-going development work.

Our experienced staff of developers specializes in
large and small development projects requiring:

  • Front-end and back-end website development
  • Website service and support
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CMS’s
  • Linux servers
  • Cloud services

Our Concept is Simple:

We share our expansive development expertise with your limited IT development team to get more of your development projects done, on time and for much less money.

The Process is Simple:

You express interest.
We sign a Non-disclosure Agreement to discuss your development projects.
We meet to get to know each other and define a scope of work.
We sign a Collaborative Service Agreement that works for all parties

Our Vision is Clear:

Small businesses with big development projects need outside development expertise at below market rates.

Cooperatively sharing developers creates economies, synergies, and more development projects completed on time for less money

Years of experience, ready to support your business.

Combined, our Nova Horizons staff will bring over 70 years of IT Development and Entrepreneurial Business Management to the Dev Collaborative. Our partners in the Collaborative will benefit from the vast, hands-on experiences and career successes of our senior developers, strategic marketers, business owners and consultants.

Our Developers

  • Phillip Brand
  • Jonny Brannum
  • Drew Brown
  • Mark Seemann
  • Luke VanFosson

Our Strategists

  • Bob Tenner
  • Steve Enzler

Our Project Managers

  • Ben Geary
  • Phillip Brand

In the IT Dev Collaborative, we are committed to listening carefully, working hand-in-hand with our partners and benefiting from their experiences and successes. No one has all the answers, but together in the Collaborative our collective expertise, development savvy and project management skills will result in more development projects completed on time, for less money. Our partners have realized up to 35% increased development efficiencies to date.

Some of Our Recent Work.

Successfully designed and coded a three-layered website builder for professional services industry providing the commercial marketing site, the subscriber site administration app. and the business management and development platform.

Converted a legacy-coded database platform written on Unidata/PICK operating system into modern flexible PHP/MYSQL.

Developed and maintain a production interface tool for a large high-tech/high-output manufacturer.

Delivered enhanced promotional website functionality for a major food marketer in the food service industry.

Re-wrote and enhanced a B2B commercial website for order processing of over
500 customizable products and online marketing services.

Analyzed and streamlined an order processing database leading to
development of a real-time data warehouse to facilitate data
analysis off-line without impeding active order processing speeds.

Developed an ecom site focused on marketing and selling small business supplies and custom printing services with web to
press printing interface.

Currently under contract to provide on-boarding and technical support to
customers subscribing to digital marketing services company.