Hello! We're Nova Horizons.

We offer top technical talent to help you successfully plan, architect, develop and manage your technical projects. Whether it's supplementing your existing team or taking on an entire project, from any state from initial idea to deployment and maintenance, we will understand your goals and work to deliver effective designs to meet your needs.

Who we are...

Hi, I'm Phillip.

With podcasts in his ears and a RSS reader on his screen, Phillip loves scouring the web for new products and tools to make life easier. Phillip is an experienced web developer and architect as well as development team leader. At Nova Horizons, Phillip is focused on the product and project management, transforming the team's concepts into actionable work for developers.

Hi, I'm Jonny.

Enjoying woodworking and game development in his free time, Jonny loves solving complex problems. At Nova Horizons, Jonny puts most of his time towards talking to clients and the Nova staff. The remainder of his time is spent coding. With 10 years of professional web development experience, Jonny can PHP his way out of a floating div faster than you can say XMLHttpRequest.

Hi, I'm Drew.

"Able to concentrate through barking," is listed as a strength on his personal file. Drew works diligently to bring ideas into reality through code. He enjoys learning about new practices and techniques and is always ready for a new challenge.

Hi, I'm Mark.

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Hi, I'm Lorien.

Always willing to get her hands dirty, Lorien enjoys tackling creative challenges. She holds degrees in both graphic and web design, and especially loves how modern web standards keep her on her toes. On her own time, Lorien channels this autodidactic energy into spinning yarn and designing knitwear.

Hi, I'm Luke.

Trombonist, gamer, and die-hard MBMBaM fan, Luke spends his time helping clients manage their websites with <style></style> and panache. He focuses primarily on HTML and CSS. When not solving problems for clients, Luke is still solving problems for clients before those problems take them unawares.

Hi, I'm Liz.

Developer by day, actress by evening, and gamer by night, Liz is always looking for different ways to challenge herself. At Nova, she spends most of her time helping clients manage their websites and writing manuals on how to use the different features of our products. You can also find her working behind the scenes writing SQL queries to help maintain and improve the databases.

Built on top of more than 50 years of earned business acumen

Hi, I'm Robert Tenner.

From helping kids in need of protection to figuring out how to get the most from his marketing dollars, Bob’s big heart shines through. He has always been a “new products” guy and lends his ideas to Nova Horizons to help continue his legacy of product development. In his empty nest at home with wife Debi, Labrador retriever, Alice, and calico cat, Sporty Monkey, he has found inner peace and tells us how happy we will be once we get there.

Hi, I'm Steve Enzler.

A controller, a marketing manager, an advertising executive, a vice president at a major bank, a programmer, a CFO, a COO, and a president. They all represent tools in Steve's toolbox of experience. Some say diverse business success makes you a bit crazy, while others see a well rounded individual who loves challenges. Add ten years of coaching youth soccer with a passion for seeing kid’s smile and you have a good idea who you are dealing with.

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